Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunny North Carolina!

We are in beautiful Cary, North Carolina! I apologize for the lower quality photo, I tried to get the best picture off of our balcony without Tedster falling off. That would be a three-story drop!

Cary is the third corner of what they call "The Triangle," made up of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Cary. This area is diverse in culture, from the shops, to the art, to the people. A rather charming city!

Key spots to the town include my personal favorites:

-Taziki's, a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant
-Cary Towne mall (I adore shopping, what can I say)
-Downtown Cary area, which includes eccentric stores such as a lovely Victorian-esque antique store, soap stores, an Irish store, etcetera.
-Apex, a strip highway that runs around Cary and showcases a plethora of stores

Although Cary is a suburb of Raleigh, a major city, and thus includes the stereotypical "city" shops and restaurants, it has its unique places! If you're willing to look for them, they will find you. :-)

Now, for a history lesson!

Cary was named by a farmer and his wife after an Ohio congressman, back in 1854. Page, the founder, became mayor of the town in 1871, and thus the town came to be! It is notable for such companies as Deere and Company, Oxford University Press, Caterpillar Inc, LexisNexis (government and software company), and Epic Games, few which I am sure many will recognize.

Over all, the history is not too expansive, however if I receive local stories in the future, I will be sure to share them throughout my travels!

-Kelly and Teddy

The Teddy Diaries

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(Blogger's note: My name is Kelly, I am a Junior Art History major in college, and I have had my beloved teddy bear for seventeen years now. He is near and dear to my heart; we've been through everything together. Along with every entry, I will try to include a small blurb about the day, whether it be historical, intellectual, or personal. Please enjoy and give me feedback if you wish! This is for my personal purposes of fun.)